Dog Fouling

Can dog walkers to please pick up their dog mess.

A new poster campaign designed by Swiss Valley School and high profile patrols by enforcement officers will continue over the coming  months.

Cllr Jim Jones and I launched the event some weeks back with Swiss Valley School.

Winning designs and runner ups can be seen opposite.

Youth Club

In its 4th year Swiss Valley Youth Club continues to go from strength to strength. Around 50 children now attend every Friday, and it’s popularity is Llanelli wide.  From low numbers at its inception it is now a weekly fixture on the social calendar of our youngsters.  We always need volunteers so please contact me if you can give up a Friday every now and again between 6 and 8.

Community Archive - Tree Planting

In conjunction with your Residents Association earlier in 2013 we planted some saplings in both the upper and lower ravines.  It is disappointing to see that some have been snapped but a large number still remain.

We had great fun planting them.

Resurfacing Work Pennant

The resurfacing of the path linking lower and upper Pennant has been completed.  This work was done with a grant from Llanelli Rural Council, and driven by your residents association.

Christmas Tree

Switched on by Cllr Jim Jones - Chairman of Llanelli Rural Council, supported by pupils of Swiss Valley School, we again had a fun night in lighting up our Christmas Tree.  Thanks to Swiss Valley Residents Association for organising and hosting this event.

Other thank you’s include, Jollies Fish and Chip Shop, Vaughan Sound, Sheds and Chalets and Dyfed Powys Police.

Christmas Pantomime

Repunzel was a great success! The event was well attended with a full house, and the production was great fun to watch. Kids and adults joined in to have a fun night indeed.  A big thank you to the Once Upon a Time Theatre Company who put on fantastic shows with only 4 people.  A big thank you to the committee of Swiss Valley Community Centre for organising this yearly event.  

Peter Pan next year…

Christmas Eve Weather

The poor weather continues.  As I do every year I have asked the highways department at Carmarthenshire County Council to look after us, and clear snow off our roads as soon as possible .

We had an excellent service last year which enabled us to get out of our community when snow hit, so people could get to work, and generally go about their business with some degree of safety.

Sad news earlier this year on the passing of former Independent Councillor Dillwyn Bowen.  A lovely tribute can be read at the Llanelli Star website.  

Councillor Dillwyn Bowen (Dill)

In the County Council I opposed the increase planned in sporting fees.  There is a real division in our county where some sporting organisations look after themselves whilst others still rely on yearly grants and financial assistance from local authorities.  The proposed increases were ridiculously high and I opposed them.  A better solution needs to be worked out between the County Council and sporting organisations, so I was reassured when the Leader of Council assured us more dialogue would take place.

Sporting Fees

On a very muggy and foggy day last month a big thank you to all the students and staff from Coleg Sir Gar, and Mr Don Kirk from our very own Residents Association for collecting over 30 bags of litter, plus metal, glass and 4 plastic bakers trays.

Unfortunately due to the conditions pupils from Swiss Valley School were not able to take part.



In June (30-6-14) we finally welcomed the Welsh Ambulance service to Llanelli Rural Council.  As a council we have fought extra hard to preserve services at Prince Phillip Hospital and for years we have been trying to get the views of the ambulance service, especially on hospital reconfigurations.  We learnt that an extra 7.5 million to upgrade vehicles and to employ an extra 119 staff was being made available, and I hope response times will get better as a result of this.  If services are to change and patient movements are going to increase, then surely the ambulance service need to be consulted under such circumstances.  Hywel Dda funds and commissions the service but I still remain of the opinion that the ambulance service are an after thought in the process. The health board will put it’s services here there and everywhere and the ambulance service will just have to deal with it.  I wouldn’t necessarily call that partnership working!

I was disappointed to learn last month that Llwynhendy Police Station has been earmarked for closure in January 2017. I spoke out against Felinfoel police station closing only a few years ago (see press cutting on left from 2011, click to open it) and we were told at the time that we would get a better service centralising the team at Llwynhendy, despite the fact I thought having police cars parked in Felinfoel road by themselves was a deterrent.  We need our police in amongst our communities not retreating back into town centres.  We are inviting the Police Commissioner to Llanelli Rural Council so that we can get some answers in the Autumn.  I hope we can get a u-turn on this decision.  

I frequently hear that we never see a police officer on the beat but the lines of communication between the police and myself as your Councillor have never been better.  Things have improved in the past ten years and I wouldn’t want to see us going backwards.

The police have also been very supportive of the youth club in Swiss Valley and attend frequently on a Friday evening to meet and mingle with members of our club.

I have written a letter to Mr Salmon the Police and Crime Commissioner expressing my concerns.  The letter is on the noticeboard section of this website, together with his reply.


Felinfoel Police Station - Closure - Llanelli Star.pdf

UPDATE 24-7-14 - I spoke at length on the telephone with the

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Mr Tim Burton yesterday and voiced my Concerns.  A subsequent letter of reply is on the Noticeboard.

It’s ironic that only that day I’d noticed 15 small solar lights had

been stolen from my front garden .

LOCK UP your valuables.  Thieves are working in Swiss Valley!  

Every year thieves target our gardens and this year is no


Remember to join the OWL network by emailing           



In association with Swiss Valley School PTA I was able to match fund 5 Apple iPad Touch’s through A.G.Morgan Computer Services Ltd, totalling some £1700.

This has enabled more pupils to experience the learning ability and techniques that these computers can bring to the classroom environment.

In total 10 iPads were supplied (£3400), and in the picture we see a cross section of pupils holding these new devices.

Pictured are Giles Morgan of AGM Computer Services and Philippa Jones of the PTA.

Following a site visit with local residents chippings have been put down on this path by Llanelli Rural Council.  The path is muddy and dangerous in places, and the chippings serve as a short term measure

I have secured a budget so the path can be made better over the coming year.



The 20 mph zone around the school is now in place.

We are looking to reposition some signs as they may be confusing but generally I am extremely glad this has been introduced.

I have asked for the whole site to be made a 20 mph zone.  

We can then have less signage and less confusion as the signs will only be at our main entrances.

News Archive



I think it’s fair to say that the Christmas Tree last year (2014) was one of the best we’ve had. The lights were great, the white picket fence stood out and the characters around the tree (Snowman, Reindeer, Father Christmas) all helped to create a great Christmas feature.

Thanks to Swiss Valley Residents Association for organising and promoting this event.

Thanks to all who supported the race night following the switch on.  As treasurer I can report we raised £352.50 on the night, which basically breaks us even, but we look forward to organising another tree next year.


Thanks to everyone who supported the Winter Fayre at Swiss Valley Community Centre at the weekend.  

A special thanks to Swiss Valley Community Centre Committee for organising it, and thanks to all the stall holders who came to sell their products.

The kids enjoyed on the bouncy castle (sponsored by Swiss Valley Youth Club), and Father Christmas dropped in to collect any letters the children had for him.


Following contact and discussions with Welsh Water the signs have now been removed.  It’s business as usual and the reservoir remains open for us all to enjoy.  I have also asked Welsh Water to put in a cyclical litter plan.  The Council weren’t perfect but since handing it back to Welsh Water the rubbish has literally piled up in that Reservoir.  Welsh Water need to put some sort of plan in place.


24-10-14 UPDATE

First Cymru listened to some of my letter (see noticeboard section of this website) and are putting on an additional service (8:12am) bus so that people in Swiss Valley can get to town in time for 9am.  This will help if your trying to use the service to get to a job in the town centre.

As you may be aware we have now been reduced to 1 scheduled bus service an hour by First Cymru.  They operate the L2 route on a commercial basis so this route does not attract any local government subsidies but nonetheless I have written to them again asking if they would consider reviewing the timetable in response to several constituents approaching me.  The letter I wrote on 29-5-14 can be seen on the noticeboard section of this website together with the email reply I received on 25-7-14.

Can I ask any and all with bus passes to use them as much as you can so we can increase the numbers using the service so it doesn’t reduce any more…. Thank You!

You can find the latest bus timetables by following the link to Carmarthenshire County Council’s website below, and also the L2 schedule is on the noticeboard section of this website.

More bins

7-8-14 - New bins have been placed along the main road. Welsh water aren’t doing a great job of looking after the bins in the reservoir, which now comes directly under their control but in response to dog walkers complaints 2 new bins have been erected.  One bin is north of Ridgeway on the main road and the other is at the foot of Ridgeway.  The bin removed by Cribyn path some months back has now been put back.



These facilities have been removed due to anti-social behaviour.


I have been a victim of thieves this year.  We have a seasonal issue  each year where garden ornaments in particular get targeted.  Many  people in Swiss Valley have reported suffering from these crimes  this year.


The OWL (Online Watch Link) email scheme continues to be successful. Anyone wishing to be included on the OWL circulation list should contact our PCSO


20-1-15 - WAY FORWARD

Following a meeting that I attended last night the Recreation and Welfare Committee of Llanelli Rural Council confirmed the parks funding and way forward.  This is excellent news. Documents outlining the way forward can be found in the NEW PARK section of this website.


We have been informed our £15,000 CWM bid has been successful.  


Excellent news going into the new year.  Our bid via Veolia to upgrade the park has been successful.  We now have £35,000 in the kitty for this project  The CWM grant bid will be known in the new year, but we hope this will add several thousands more if successful.

I will continue to work on both of our councils ( Carmarthenshire County Council and Llanelli Rural Council) to secure a better park for our children.


As mentioned last year I had secured a budget from Llanelli Rural Council to upgrade this footpath which at it’s entrance in particular had become a mud bath.

In early December tarmac was laid to redefine this path and make it more accessible.

As can be seen its a better surface to walk on now!



Arrests have been made in relation to this drugs factory.  Please see Star article below:


My stance on drugs is simple, we don’t want it up here in our community.  Swiss Valley is a safe area to live.

Anyone who thinks this drug is safer than anything else is kidding themselves.  The BBC has recently highlighted the problems of using this drug:-

Llanelli Star Article

SwissValleyRoad SchemeFinal.pdf


The development next to GeStamp consists of a short-term operating reserve generating plant. The plant will burn natural gas (which will be piped to the site from Llethri Road) to generate electricity when called for by the National Grid at times when renewable generation plants fail to operate. It is therefore likely to be running for short periods – the applicant has indicated this could be circa 100 hours per year or less.

Approved Planning Letter

The application details indicate that the airborne emissions from the plant will consist of :

· (Total) Engine Exhaust Flue Gas Emissions

· NOx, 500 mg/m3 at 5% O2

· CO, 1,050 mg/m3

I hope this reassures people about the 5 stacks we can all see.  I have asked for public protection to come back to me and indicate how these emissions will be monitored, as we in Swiss Valley will be up wind of whatever comes out from them, which appears at this stage to be clean natural gas.

Winter Fayre - 2012

Our first ever Winter Fayre was held in the community centre in November.  Given that nothing like this had been tried before it was a great success.

We had quality stalls, selling all sorts of wonderful products.

We had a free bouncy castle and games room for the kids and hundreds turned out to support it.

Christmas Tree - 2012

Last Thursday we switched on our Christmas lights in Swiss Valley.  

We had singing from Swiss Valley school pupils and they were fantastic.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Swiss Valley Shops - 2012

New railings have been put in place by the steps, and the top step made safer.

The seat has been put back, and feedback from people waiting for buses and such like has been very positive.

The Christmas tree is also in place, and sure as eggs the wind has picked up, and we battle to keep it up!!

Pantomime - 2012

The production of Alice in Wonderland went down an absolute treat.

TPP Theatrical productions had adults and children laughing in equal measure.  

They have been booked for next year again and I’m sure we all look forward to that.



The application for an inert waste facility was granted in December of last year.  The application  has 55 conditions attached to it.  The planning letter of approval can be downloaded by clicking on the document next to this article.

Quarry Planning Permission.pdf Quarry Background Info


All new traffic measures are now in place.  Recording strips have been placed on the road to measure the effectiveness of these new measures.  Complaints of dangerous parking are being investigated along this road.



Congratulations to Swiss Valley school on another impressive inspection.  Swiss Valley school continues to be a high performing school.  Congratulations to pupils, staff and governors.


The school will also be operating a 1 year trial partnership with Dafen School.  This may lead to the 2 schools federating in the future but that is not certain at present.  It is not the case that the federation will proceed no matter what.  Regular monitoring of both schools will reveal over time if the partnership will be continued on a more formal basis.  As a governor of Bryngwyn and Glan-Y-Mor I know the anxieties of parents and their concerns, as indeed I am a parent myself.  I will be ensuring standards are kept high and robust monitoring is undertaken during the trial period.


10 years ago we had nothing much happening up here in Swiss Valley, particularly around Christmas time.

In 2007 we had our first Christmas Tree, organised by our local residents association. In 2010 we had our first Pantomime put on my our community centre, and also our first Winter Fayre.

The Youth Club runs every Friday evening along with many other events on other days in the centre.

The best compliment I received on behalf of all the groups working hard in Swiss Valley was when I talked to some new people who had moved into Swiss Valley recently, and they made no bones about the fact they thought we had a great community spirit up here.

That is certainly true but it takes a lot of hard work, it doesn’t just happen.

I would urge anyone who wants to help promote our community to get involved in either the residents association, community centre or youth club.  We always need volunteers and our community needs you.

The park was officially opened by Cllr Martin Davies on 29th October.  I had to get my Jack in didn’t I ….

HAGS-SMP the contractors have done a wonderful job in transforming our park.  The surface is excellent and the new play equipment is proving very popular.

For the first time in a many a year I saw the park full to bursting with families yesterday, enjoying the new facility we have.

It’s been a long time coming and worth all the meetings I’ve been involved in since 2010.  It’s been frustrating, for residents and myself, but at last we have a facility fit for our community.  This project is a prime example of how being both your Llanelli Rural Councillor, and County Councillor has allowed me to get all parties involved talking and moving to arrive at the solution we have today.

I’ve talked to many parents since the park opened, both in it and on social media, first impressions really are favourable as to what has been achieved.  

Some pictures of our new park are below…



Several residents and I met with a manager at GeStamp in November.  Following that meeting a plan to tackle the trees along Llethri road and introduce a fence were to be discussed by senior management of GeStamp. I can report that the fence has now been erected.  Residents closest are very happy at this outcome. Several residents had expressed concern at how the current trees had been hacked back and how tall they had become. Management will discuss in due course whether to release funds to reduce the height of the trees.

Issues to be addressed are as follows:

Forklift reversing noise (nightime beeping)

The factory are already addressing this by replacing the noise warning with a flashing light/strobe.

Trees along Llethri Road

The high trees along Llethri road are to be reviewed in 2016.

Lorries - Parking on slip road into main entrance

I was assured that steps will be taken by security to move any lorries that try to park overnight on the slip road.  Some lorries then start up their engines early in the morning, and wake up nearby residents.  I am also asking the council to make available a suitable parking area for HGV’s  in and around the Llanelli area.  We need a solution for the lorries too.

Scrap metal to the rear

Steps will be taken to reduce the noise scrap makes as it falls into containers at the rear.  The containers are to be lifted so the drop is greatly reduced.

Press noise

Cladding to the East wall of the factory has now begun.  It is hoped the cladding will greatly reduce the effects of the presses on local residents.


I will continue to keep in contact with the factory.



A successful meeting was held with residents in Llethri Road a short time ago and the yellow lines outside their homes will be removed as soon as possible.  In the meantime parking enforcement has been suspended so nobody will get a ticket!



The main Swiss Valley Estate is now a 20 mph zone.  Rumble strips will be put down in the coming months to monitor average spee

I’ve posted a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) report onto the noticeboard section of this newsletter.


Due to a problem in the drafting of the original HGV prohibition order by the council we are having to introduce a temporary order, which I hope will extend for a period of 12 months after which it will become fully operational.  This 12 month order should come into effect by the end of April.



Residents in Llethri Road have been woken up on several occasions this year to the sound of foreign lorry drivers revving their engines in order to get their cabs warmed up. Residents have also witnessed drivers cooking meals on the pavements, and using the side of the road as a toilet.

Clearly this behaviour is unacceptable and I recently had a meeting with the Traffic management section of the County Council and some residents living in Pennant / Llethri Road.  Everyone agreed a practical solution needed to be found.  


Regular Patrols

Patrols around the reservoir continue to happen with rangers and community support officers.  I’ve also asked to accompany them on their next patrol.

Litter Pick

Thanks to all who attended our litter pick.  It was a great success and thanks also to Swiss Valley school.


I remain concerned about the lack of life rings around the reservoir and will be requesting Welsh water put new ones out.  I was told by Welsh Water recently that it was not their policy to install life rings around their reservoirs and I find that quite staggering.  I know that teenagers regularly “mess about” during the summer months and whether we like it or not there should be something there to aid individuals if they do get into trouble.  Common sense dictates something should be there.  I have written to the Chief Executive of Welsh Water to this end.  My letter and the reply I received can be viewed on the noticeboard section of this website.

If you have any issues that you would like to report regarding the reservoir please contact Welsh Water on 0800 0520130.



Several people have contacted me about the bins in and around the park.  The bins inside the park are emptied by Llanelli Rural Council, and the one outside opposite the community centre is emptied by the county council.


Of late people seem to be dumping cardboard boxes and other junk in and around the park.  The bins in the park will be emptied twice weekly now, on a Monday and Friday.  The bin opposite the community centre should be emptied on a Wednesday.

I am monitoring this area as we don’t want a build up of rubbish.  I would also ask that normal household waste be disposed of every Wednesday with the normal collection.  People shouldn’t be dumping non park litter in the park.



In response to a constituent query I asked the council to make safe some garages who’s doors had fallen off.  A long term plan has to be drawn up with regard the garages and I’ll be working with council officers to this end.